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Fosse/Verdon Trailer

Catch Eliza as the Jack Cole soloist in this trailer. 

Performance Reel

A quick highlight of some of Eliza's recent projects.

The Tonight Show - First Drafts of Rock

Eliza danced alongside Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon on their parody of The Beach Boy's Fun, Fun, Fun. See Eliza on the right at 0:35.

"I Really Like You" Music Video

Eliza danced with Carly Rae Jepsen, Tom Hanks, and Justin Bieber in Carly's music video. See Eliza in the center at 2:35.

Lindsey Stirling's AGT Performance

Eliza performed with Lindsey Stirling on America's Got Talent. See Eliza on the left at 1:27.

Steps on Broadway

Eliza's choreography from her class at Steps on Broadway

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